Auger Heads

Airbar® Auger Header

  • 42″ nozzles optimized for reel positioning of auger headers.
  • Each kit is configured for your specific header allowing for ease of installation and maintaining proper weight balance of the header.
  • In-cab control of air throttle & nozzle position.
  • Drive ratio matched to combine model to ensure optimum airflow.
  • 2-piece nozzle construction with durable, lightweight die-cast mounting saddle.
  • Rigid, single-piece aluminum manifold provides a stable span of even the widest headers.
  • Belt and pulley drive system is easily field-serviceable with industry standard parts.
  • Floor kits available for select models.

Primary benefits

Improved feeding

The high-speed airflow keeps the cutting head clear and operating at maximum efficiency, reducing equipment wear.

Reduced shatter loss

Air pressure keeps all loose product flowing into the feeder-house, preventing these losses and increasing yields by as much as 4 bushels per acre.

Faster ground speed

Improving crop flow across the header allows for substantial increases in ground speed.

Increased operating efficiency

The S3 AWS Airbar® creates a more even flow of material through the feeder-house by eliminating waste-material build up, increasing cutting and feeding efficiency, reducing knife and internal component wear and operating time.

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