Greater power, same combine, better yield

The AWS Airbar system maintains a constant and consistent flow of air to your crops as they are cut, delivering them into your combine with less damage. This process enables your combine to operate at maximum capacity, benefiting from increased ground speed, better separation, and more even residue distribution. Your crops are swept from the knife which reduces shatter loss, enhances performance, and significantly increases yield potential.


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Fan & chassis

The fans on all Airbar® Systems are powered by an easily accessible and high efficiency belt-and-pulley drive system. The drive system was engineered to provide a straightforward way of transferring power without
creating heat strain.

Fabricated from durable light weight materials, the fan is easily mounted and serviced and the simple system design means low operational costs. All Airbar® fan systems are built using industry standard components, that are easily accessible when needed.

Service Master Chassis

Now standard on all complete Airbar® systems, the updated Service Master chassis utilizes pillow block bearings and a drop-in frame design, reducing overall service time by 70%.

Rotary-Screen Nozzle

The Rotary-Screen Nozzle supplies a steam of high velocity air to the rotary intake screen, removing dust and debris. This allows for improved airflow, cleaner sampling and reduced equipment wear and maintenance. This feature is standard on complete Airbar® systems.

Nozzle design

The Airbar® System uses a single nozzle length pattern along the reel to provide a uniform air blast at the knife. Nozzle length is configured to fit original equipment reel design to best suit each style and application.

Whether using a standard or flip-over reel, the Airbar® System nozzle is specifically tailored to ensure the air stream can be directed to move your crop to the platform and maximize savings. Airbar® nozzles are engineered for optimum performance on each header model and reel design. The length of the nozzles have been chosen to provide both compact and efficient contouring, while providing an optimum amount of adjustment travel.

As shown in the diagram, the position and angle of the airflow is critical for maximum effect. The Airbar® System is generally kitted with either 42” or 48” nozzles designed to maximize performance.

The longer reach and optimal contouring of the longer 48” nozzles, accommodate the more forward reel position with drapers.

Optimum nozzle position (low angle of attack), provides sympathetic airflow into the low pressure area, maximizing loss recovery.