Greater power, same combine, better yield

The AWS Airbar system maintains a constant and consistent flow of air to your crops as they are cut, delivering them into your combine with less damage. This process enables your combine to operate at maximum capacity, benefiting from increased ground speed, better separation, and more even residue distribution. Your crops are swept from the knife which reduces shatter loss, enhances performance, and significantly increases yield potential.

  1. View from cab is unobstructed with the air manifold mounted directly in front of the reel.
  2. Adjust nozzle position on the fly using in-cab mounted controls.
  3. Model specific mount arm brackets allow manifold to move with factory reel.
  4. Even air flow across knife with equal length nozzles tailored to each header model.
  5. Draper Brush, Sump Saver and Stainless Floor Kits are available for a variety of headers.
  6. Reduced trash intake with vertically mounted fan behind header.
  7. Efficient, reliable and serviceable belt drive fan assembly.
  8. Regulate air volume using in-cab controls.