AWS Airbar® FD

The S3 Airbar® Flow Dynamics® (FD) system introduces an entirely new airflow system. Using state-of-the-art engineering, the Flow Dynamics system uses a closed-circuit, twin-channel airflow system that pressurizes the air manifold independently from both ends.

With each airflow channel terminated at the front-center of the manifold, clean high-pressure airflow is delivered to the last nozzle on each channel.

With pressure-hungry headers of over 45’ in mind, the patent pending Flow Dynamics system delivers up to a 25% increase in evenly-distributed nozzle pressure, with no additional input-power requirements.

Available for both draper and auger headers.

Up to
More air flow
with no increase in input energy


  • Airbar® FD incorporates all of the same features as the standard Airbar.
  • Flow Dynamics, twin-channel, closed-circuit airflow.
  • Up to 25% more airflow using the standard Airbar® drive system.
  • Durable, 2 & 3-piece aluminum manifolds for large headers.

The ends of the airflow circuits are closed with articulating end caps, to ensure clean, high pressure airflow to the last nozzle of each channel with no efficiency losses to “opposing-force” air turbulence.

Primary benefits

In harvesting Soy and Pulse crops, traditional headers incur shatter loss at the knife when loose and low-lying pods are impact-shelled and fall back into the field or are otherwise lost or damaged. This results in profit loss and reductions in sample quality. Knives are often cluttered with debris, reducing cutting efficiency and creating unnecessary wear, breakage and downtime.

When added to a combine header, the AWS Airbar reduces or eliminates this loss of product and efficiency. The high-velocity air stream that is applied to the knife through the out-front manifold, thrusts these pods and materials across the cutting head and into the feeder-house increasing yields by as much as 4 bushels per acre on average.

Improved feeding

The high-speed airflow keeps the cutting head clear and operating at maximum efficiency reducing equipment wear.

Reduced shatter loss

Air pressure keeps all loose product flowing into the feeder-house preventing these losses and increasing yields by as much as 4 bushels per acre.

Faster ground speed

Improving crop flow across the header, allows for substantial increases in ground speed.

Increased operating efficiency

The S3 AWS Airbar creates a more even flow of material through the feeder-house by eliminating waste-material build up, increasing cutting and feeding efficiency, reducing knife and internal component wear and operating time.

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